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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The secret forces of Judaism

The secret forces of Judaism

One day last week the owner of this newspaper banner press was not news. S driven by George W. Bush reports the decision point, we were informed that former U.S. president "Rejects the claim that Israel was behind the Iraq war."

Cause for celebration? Are we finally vindicated?

Not that we did not know that the security of Israel was not only higher in the scale of Bush's priorities.It s' who ever suspected him to go to war for us. However, it is good, perhaps for the sake of maintaining the formal record of law, that the denial of a new theory of anti-Jewish conspiracy.

However, there is that the propagators of garbage as convinced. They are probably the last that was in Bush's word for much, just like ours does not take. The truth is just your primary concern. If there is anything that unites left and right of the United States - and much in between - is the rare speed to blame Jews for what ails the world, although few would admit that in our age of political correctness.

Already during the first Gulf War uber-conservative Pat Buchanan Jew-baiter insisted America attacked Iraq at the request of Israel (though Israel is slipping as a result of a war that had nothing to do with it and although the elder Bush barely conceal his antipathy toward Israel).

Buchanan was not alone. In early 2004 then-Senator Fritz Hollings soon toretire (D-South Carolina) wrote an opinion piece by Charleston Post Courier and the burden that the war in Iraq was fought for Israel to win Jewish votes for Bush. Cabal was identified with three elders of the last days of Zion: Richard Perle Defense Policy Board member, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and columnist Charles Krauthammer. Hollings went on to defend his article in a speech in Congress. To put things in context, he once called fellow Democrat Howard Metzenbaum, "the senator from B'nai B'rith."

It may have been tempted to dismiss Hollings of diatribes about Jewish neoconservatives brainwashing Bush had not been for the powerful echoes launched his tirade. Retired Marine Anthony Zinni, who incredibly Bush himself sent this region into the role of honest broker, had to be taken more seriously.

As Hollings, Zinni mischievously suggested that Israel was guilty of hijacking U.S. foreign policy through its neocon strike force, who instigated the invasion of Iraq in order to strengthen Israel's position. Zinni hosted exclusively on Jewish names: Wolfowitz, Perle, Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, the member of the National Security Council Elliott Abrams and Vice President Dick Cheney, chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

"I think it's the worst kept secret in Washington, everybody - everybody I talk in Washington - has known and fully knows what their agenda was and what they were trying to do," explained former special envoy Zinni in 60 minutes in May 2004.

As expected the Jewish connection drew immediate support spurious reflection of neo-Nazi David Duke. But the most disconcerting, some out of wood too - on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Cindy Sheehan, the U.S. antiwar activist whose soldier son fallen in Iraq, quickly joined the chorus of screams. First accused the Jewish neoconservatives sent his son to die for Israel in a letter to ABC's Nightline, which later appeared to backtrack a bit unpersuasively in an interview with CNN.

Sheehan, of course, neocons gave way too much credit for his defense of Israel. His neoconservative agenda of American apple pie. Israel may have benefited indirectly from the premise that what is good for America by necessity can also be good for Israel. From Israel's perspective, however, is not necessarily so - it is not always true.

Sheehan could offer a single shred even tenuous evidence supporting his accusation? She did not even try. However, the slander was echoed enthusiastically by supporters hacks, propagandists ultra-liberal, pacifist and populist political provocateurs.

Inevitable as his speeches and Zinni were injected into our public discourse and portrayed himself as harbingers of an escalation of discontent with Israel. To divert and anticipate the overwhelming pressure, intimidated our own left wing, Israel must yield and give up territory.

So what else is new? Czarist pogrom-sponsors routinely urged the masses to "beat the Jews and save Russia." Too many in the U.S. - Buchanan Duke and Sheehan - intuitively sense that "beat the Jews and save America" is a compelling rallying cry.

Many in Washington are chronically prone to subscribe to any conspiracy paranoid hoax on manipulations of American Jewish opinion and the occupants of the White House. Hysteria is indistinguishable from pre-World War II isolationist U.S. alleging nefarious Jewish plot to drag the U.S. into the war.

Fearing the reaction of a variety of xenophobic, nativist and anti-Semitic, Franklin Delano Roosevelt avoided any show of sympathy for persecuted Jews. The last thing U.S. troops could face was thinking they were fighting - heaven forfend - to save Jewish lives (many officers did it anyway rather drink this falsehood prevalent).

Roosevelt chilling cruelty toward the Jews, whom Hitler screamed that he would kill, in harmony with the prevailing sentiments. That's why in 1939 the San Luis coating pulled away from Florida and returned to Europe with 907 German Jewish refugees desperate, hundreds of whom (including children) were sentenced to die so in the Holocaust. His blood forever disgrace the legacy of the United States.

The same blood-stained cloak Judeo-phobic that was showcased by the Allies dissuaded from bombing the railroad tracks to Auschwitz and the crematoria in it (although industrial targets only five miles to the east, were attacked).

Jews and the Jewish state was never popular among the political elites or the United States military. Anyone wanting to be in shock just needs a thorough investigation and browse Joseph Bendersky is the Jewish menace to realize how perfectly Zinni, Sheehan et al. fit this mold.

Things did not improve after the war. General George Patton considered bombastic displaced Holocaust survivors traumatized as slag left. Limiting the Jews in refugee camps under his command, within enclosures of barbed wire, in stark contrast to his treatment of German civilians - wonder why he never bothered to hide. When Dwight Eisenhower ordered him to leave his openly anti-Jewish measures, Patton brashly replied: "Why?"

Nowhere as rude and vulgar, General George Marshall, embraced identical feelings. He vigorously opposed American recognition of the Jewish state, not to alienate the oil-rich Arabs and complicit in the Reds feared. This view prevailed during the Cold War. When Henry Kissinger detente fostered, who whispered about "the secret forces of Judaism" undermining the United States had no hesitation in calling him a KGB agent.

Perle and Wolfowitz could not be accused of secretly serving Communism, so they were accused of serving the cause of Israel and to send Americans to die for a new generation of foreign Jews.

This is not esoteric episodes dredged from the dark recesses of a distant past irrelevant. What remains what it is. Even in a world seemingly changing, some things never change. Even if Bush heatedly denies that nasty neocons pulled the rope should be - especially in the Obama administration - who will swear the neocons did that require you to pay the sin of Israel.

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