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Saturday, February 12, 2011

sculpture 200,000 years old (two hundred thousand years) was found on the moon

sculpture 200,000 years old (two hundred thousand years) was found on the moon

A scientist recently released records showing that the surface of the moon was inhabited intelligent life. This is evidenced from the discovery of a statue 10 inches above the moon rock.

Geological expert Dr. Charles Morris expressed some time ago that NASA scientists emergency laboratory has brought a rock from the Apollo 11 mission 40 years ago, in 1969. Dr. Charles is a scientist from NASA for 23 years before finally resigned. But he still maintain links with the institution where he worked first.
"Figure statue that inspires a sense of our desires of knowledge. This means that at any given time in months the atmosphere is very supportive of life. More than that, it also shows the statue of a beautiful art aesthetic sense of the people who make it, "said Dr. Charles told reporters.

Statue called "Angel" or the angel made of special steel combination was found exclusively in a place in altitude on the moon. Angel is a statue bersosok female has wings on the back and long wavy hair.

There is a possibility of angel statues imported from another planet. Based on chemical analysis of metals, geological experts suspect that the statue was more than 200,000 years old, which means he probably made 170,000 years before humans appeared on the earth's species.

Dr. Fredericks Miles from University of New York said the theory about the legend that says the Sumerians Annunaki, winged gods, who came from 18th century BC. Maybe people have visited residents in Sumerian, the figure used as the image of the Angel statue.

While many are thinking about the mystery figure of Angel but some people regret why they were kept secret for so long. "Artifact has been an open secret among the NASA for years. But NASA officials keep this secret to prevent panic world.

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