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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The current state of the graphic design industry

Graphic design is the use of color, light, balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, proximity, repetition, texture and a plethora of other elements to create a digital artwork that is pleasing to view. Graphic design is perfect casting image and text to convey a theme, message, or often advertise a product or service. Graphic design dates back to prehistoric times. With hieroglyphs and cave-designs that became part of the first written language. Although communication, aestheticism, was the main concern, you can still argue for the overall visual design of the prehistoric artists. With the 1584 Gutenberg printing, graphic design took on new meaning. Now the text, along with the visual appeal, could reach a wider audience than ever. Although the use was - at first - primarily for Biblical and other important writings, the trend soon spread to visual-appeal. Graphic design as we know, it peaked up to the age of the computer. With companies becoming increasingly necessary to have a corporate identity solution, visually pleasing logo, and an online presence, graphic designers are definitely getting all the work they can handle.

Today, graphic design and web design are two separate, but closely related entities. Most all websites offer some visual appeal - that is, they include graphical elements. When one understands this, which can really begin to grasp the widespread effect that graphic design can have. Creating something with aesthetic appeal is a laborious task, considering all elements of graphic design, along with the audience. The attempt to convey an emotion or theme is especially difficult. Special consideration to the following principles is necessary - mood, style, message, and hierarchy.

On the other hand, we must consider the audience. Although anyone can view a web page, logo or corporate identity package, only a few are actually in the "public purpose." With resource throughout the world of graphic design, designers have developed geographic markets in which to display their talents.

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