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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Music is an art form that can be instrumental, vocal or a combination of both. There are numerous elements, styles and instruments involved in the development of music, with a long list of genres. The music is created by writing musical notes on paper, called sheet music. However, the ability to read or write music is not a requirement to compose music. Some artists may listen to a song, then re-create what they just heard. The lyrics are the words of a song that are paired with the notes to produce music. Music can be heard live or in electronic form via compact discs, vinyl, cassettes or, more recently, music from the Internet, some free music downloads. These computer files known as MP3 files, an audio encoding format. Music downloads have led to a decrease in sales at music stores. In the 1980s music videos became popular due to the launch of music channel cable television (MTV). A video clip is a short film that accompanies a piece of music

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